The food in Malaysia is influenced by the different cultures which reside in the Malaysian territory. It is a blend of cuisines from the Chinese, the Middle East and the Indonesians. But the overall Malaysian culture is known to have food which is rich in flavor that comes from the perfect blend of herbs and spices. The people in Malaysian mostly eat rice which is also their staple diet. It is served at breakfast, lunch times and dinner times. Most of the dishes are served with rice. The rice alone has so many rich flavors and different tastes and recipes. Some are inspired from Indian spices and sometimes it is cooked in coconut milk. Coconut milk is not only used in the preparation of rice dishes but also in many other dishes.

The major cities of Malaysia also offer continental and Mediterranean foods. The food at Malaysia suggests a meeting of the two cultures of the West and the East and this is showcased in the diverse range of flavors and dishes.

It will be difficult to choose between the Malay cuisine, the Chinese cuisine and the Indian cuisine as every single one of them is equally delicious and mouth watering.  The Malay food is basically spicy and rich in flavors which are derives from the mixed pot of hard spices and herbs. The most favorite of the Malaysian people is the “Nasi Lemak”, which rice cooked in coconut milk is served with squid, eggs and cucumber and also a chili paste which is locally known as sambal. Another absolute favorite is the “Nasi dadang”. This comprises of tuna curry served with rice steamed in coconut milk. Then there is the ver so popular dish known as the “Satay” which is delicious skewered chicken or beef served with rice cubes and a rich peanut curry.

Chinese cuisines are also very popular in Malaysia. Though Chinese dishes are supposed to be very lightly flavored and mild in taste but in Malaysia the Chinese cuisine has been influenced with the spicy touch of the typical Malaysian food. Although breakfasts, lunches and dinners are also served but there are places for steamed snacks also. Chinese food is always readily available in Malaysia. Many snacks can also be found conveniently in coffee shops all around in the major cities especially Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian food is not only meant to tantalize the taste buds of the locals. Many foreigners visit Malaysia each year and they have a variety of their own food to choose from. There is an abundance of international cuisines all over Malaysian restaurants. These restaurants are one of those which are found in the big hotels and also in places such as the Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Ampang and the Bangsar.

We have all heard the Indian cuisine to be very spicy and richly flavored but in Malaysia most of the Indian dishes have been given a mild flavor. Most of the Indian dishes served at restaurants are followed by a serving of yogurt. This is mostly to relax the taste buds after a spicy snack from the Indian line of cuisines. Among the dishes which are considered to be a little mild are the Kurma which is a chicken curry and the Tandoori Chicken which involves the chicken being cooked in a clay oven. There is also the concept of Indian-Muslim food. This is considered to be a favorite of the tourists and the locals as well and everyone should definitely try this one while on their trip to Malaysia.